Sunday, August 31, 2008

baby copperhead

I caught this little guy yesterday (don't worry, I didn't catch him with my bare hands) a tiny copperhead. I thought the little yellow tail was interesting so I looked it up, it's a newborn baby copperhead. Yes, they are poisonous but so pretty and so interesting to look at close up.

Copperheads are pit vipers so I got to get a close look at the heat sensing "pits" on the front of its head and its tell-tell elliptical pupils.


Ms. Judy said...

Granted the yellow tail is interesting but you KNOW I'm shuddering and saying "ICK!!!!"

D. said...

I love the picture looking down. You can see so much detail. I love the patterns in nature.


Kameron said...

Love the first picture looking down on the snake. It has inspired me to draw this incredible little beast from that angle. Love your photography.